Why "Two-Fifths Fudge"?

My Edgar Allan Poe "Raven" Halloween ornament. (Felt, paper, beads, polymer clay, silk-screened transparency, MDF, shrink plastic, ribbon, lace, mat board.) 

I'm glad you asked.  

American poet James Russell Lowell once said that his contemporary Edgar Allan Poe was comprised of "Three-fifths genius and two-fifths fudge."* I can't claim any of Poe's genius, or any genius at all for that matter. But I've always thought that Lowell's proportion was a good one to at least try to achieve.

*Lowell meant "fudge" in its 19th-century sense of "nonsense." But it's probably fair to say that at any given moment, my makeup consists of around two-fifths fudge or other dessert product.

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